Funny how picked my title after going a bit into the paragraphs, naming it after the last production of Crested Crane, which I oversaw. Funny also, how I picked the name, because, thinking retrospectively, I realize that it wasn't just for UEAB that we were reflecting, but also for me, my self, as an individual. [...]

Above and beyond

Realising that my blog site has stalled since September 2018 is no beautiful thing. Sometimes, I'd promise myself that I can do better and the moment I started typing, it ended on the date. Just. That. Writer's block, fear, anxiety and everything not so nice plagued my mind, but, still, like air, I rise.First things [...]


I'm learning to embrace the storms of life. No rain, no flowers. Day 13/20: I'm thankful for the times I cried till I shook, for the times I thought I was broken beyond repair. I'm blooming, the Potter is putting me back together again as well!!!! Love 😍, love 😍, love 😍 and sunshine β˜€, [...]