Live. Laugh. Love.

It's been weeks of typing and abruptly shutting my laptop, about eleven weeks of starting to type so beautifully, deleting it and going to sleep, several weeks of being indefinitely unsure of everything, and dwelling on that, wrongly so. Several weeks of God's goodness, through it all. Several weeks of learning to trust in Jesus [...]

Finding Me-mo(re)

I'm sure my title is a bit confusing, but, six months later, what's on my mind is Finding Nemo and Finding Dory and, well, I'm in a phase of finding me, more. Adams sent me a text and told me to get back to writing. Thank you for reminding me to be, as Eleanor Roosevelt [...]

Food for thought: Plus Pepper

After a thought provoking sermon this week, I feel like there's the need to have a candid discussion on who we really are. Relationship wise, especially. And truths shared succinctly. Having grown up in a Christian family, my immediate family being seventh day Adventist, it's always been discouraged to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Mentally, [...]


Funny how picked my title after going a bit into the paragraphs, naming it after the last production of Crested Crane, which I oversaw. Funny also, how I picked the name, because, thinking retrospectively, I realize that it wasn't just for UEAB that we were reflecting, but also for me, my self, as an individual. [...]

A new dawn

01/05/19 Thanks, thanks I give you thanks For all you've done I'm so blessed My soul has found rest Oh Lord, I give you thanks It's been an exceptionally tough year this far, and to get here is something I never saw coming. Ever. I'm blest. My heart is still too full. Until later, love, [...]


She, In the dark, Found light Brighter than many can ever see. She, Within herself, Found loveliness, Through the soul's own mastery And now the soul receives From her dower: The message of strength Of inner power. ~Langston Hughes via Kwamboka O'Kireki Photo: John Newton, Unsplash