Food for thought: Plus Pepper

After a thought provoking sermon this week, I feel like there's the need to have a candid discussion on who we really are. Relationship wise, especially. And truths shared succinctly. Having grown up in a Christian family, my immediate family being seventh day Adventist, it's always been discouraged to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Mentally, [...]


Funny how picked my title after going a bit into the paragraphs, naming it after the last production of Crested Crane, which I oversaw. Funny also, how I picked the name, because, thinking retrospectively, I realize that it wasn't just for UEAB that we were reflecting, but also for me, my self, as an individual. [...]

A new dawn

01/05/19 Thanks, thanks I give you thanks For all you've done I'm so blessed My soul has found rest Oh Lord, I give you thanks It's been an exceptionally tough year this far, and to get here is something I never saw coming. Ever. I'm blest. My heart is still too full. Until later, love, [...]


She, In the dark, Found light Brighter than many can ever see. She, Within herself, Found loveliness, Through the soul's own mastery And now the soul receives From her dower: The message of strength Of inner power. ~Langston Hughes via Kwamboka O'Kireki Photo: John Newton, Unsplash